Mayday! Our Facebook page has been REMOVED!

Hello Drunkateers!!

Mike Miller here with some unfortunate and incredibly frustrating news regarding the Boat Drunks FB Page. It’s gone!! The geniuses at Facebook depublished and then, when I appealed that decision, removed our page for “repeated violations of community standards.” Never mind that we have NEVER been notified of a single violation.All I could find out was that someone had repeatedly reported us for these violations even though the actual violations were never identified. I know it has to be completely made-up because the only things we EVER posted about were upcoming shows and highlights of previous shows. We don’t do politics, or controversial subjects of any kind. I suspect it may be related to my repeatedly banning and reporting the scumbags who kept trying to sell counterfeit merchandise on our page but who knows?!?! So, not only have we been denied the right to “face our accusers,” we have been denied the right to even know what we’re been accused of!!!!!In my opinion, the people who did this to us are the ones who should be removed from Facebook but that’s just me. I apologize to our nearly 10,000 followers and I wish I had a better explanation.In the mean time, you may continue to keep up with us by reading our personal pages or look on our website. Please share this with friends to get the word out and maybe someone at FB who knows what they’re doing (God knows who that would be) will pick up on this and look into the gross miscarriage of justice.